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OPML is an XML format used to exchange multiple feeds between aggregators. A single OPML document may contain a collection of many feeds. Drupal can parse such a file and import all feeds at once, saving you the effort of adding them manually. You may either upload a local file from your computer or enter a URL where Drupal can download it.


Upload an OPML file containing a list of feeds to be imported.
Enter the URL of an OPML file. This file will be downloaded and processed only once on submission of the form.
The length of time between feed updates. Requires a correctly configured cron maintenance task.
Drupal can make a block with the most recent news items of a feed. You can configure blocks to be displayed in the sidebar of your page. This setting lets you configure the number of news items to show in a feed's block. If you choose '0' these feeds' blocks will be disabled.